Tassimo T Disc Capsule Pods

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Product Overview

Create your favourite hot drink with TASSIMO T DISCS

Buy 3 Or More Of Any Mix Of Flavours For Free Shipping.


TASSIMO offers a broad range of T DISCs, so you can always have your favourite cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. These are the only TASSIMO compatible pods.. Whether you are looking for coffee pods, espresso, cappuccino or latte pods , TASSIMO has the right T DISCS for you. Not a big fan of caffeine? Try Tassimo decaf hot chocolate, tea pods. With TASSIMO T DISCs, you can create high quality coffee and hot drinks, really fast & easy, all at the touch of a button of your Tassimo coffee machine 

Which TASSIMO pods should I buy?

At TASSIMO you can find the broadest range of TASSIMO pods, for the best price. You can buy coffee pods in different coffee types, flavours and from multiple brands ranging from Costa coffee pods to Cadbury Hot Chocolate T DISCs. Depending on your taste preferences, buy the coffee pods of your choice. All TASSIMO pods are compatible with every Bosch TASSIMO machine. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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